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Monkey Magic Tattoo and Body Piercing in Pai, Thailand

Aftercare for Tattoos and Body Piercings

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Tattoo Aftercare

Taking care of a new tattoo is as important as choosing the right tattoo artist and the right design. A reputable tattoo artist will give you detailed tattoo aftercare instructions on how to take care of your tattoo and you should follow those tried and tested instructions very carefully.

Although each tattoo artists will give you slightly different advice about how to look after your tattoo, there are some general rules of thumb that most tattoo artists agree on.

When your tattoo is finished the artist will clean the area and apply tattoo aftercare and a clear plastic wrap. Because Thailand is a hot and humid country, this wrap should only be left on for one hour. Upon removing the wrap you should clean your tattoo with tattoo soap and lukewarm water, dry it with a dry clean towel and apply tattoo aftercare cream. This should be repeated twice a day until healing is complete.

We stock high quality tattoo aftercare soaps and creams in our shop and with following the instructions precisely, your new tattoo should heal within 5-7 days. Each customer will be given a tattoo aftercare instruction leaflet.


Body Piercing Aftercare

Body piercing aftercare is different for everyone but some details apply to everyone. We ask that you do not remove or change your jewellery until the full healing time is completed and to please follow the instructions given to you by your piercer.

At first, it is normal that you may experience some bleeding, bruising, swelling, and some soreness, this is all expected during the body piercing aftercare process. During the healing process your skin is beginning to tighten around the jewellery as you heal which may lead to some discolouration, itching or some whitish-yellowish fluid. Again, this is all normal. If the pain begins to become severe, than you should get back in touch with your piercer.

Keep in mind as well that different people and different parts of the body heal faster than others. If your friends lobe piercing completely healed in two weeks, it doesn’t mean your navel piercing should be healed in a similar timeline. An experienced piercer will be able to give you a healing timeframe that applies specifically to your piercing.